If we are being honest, this topic is pretty point blank! Never the less, it is SO important! Probably the most important piece of planning a wedding, truly! As you plan and prepare for your big day you will more likely then not, work out a budget. Along the way there will be all sorts of things to splurge on! Here is what I want you to remember; you will take TWO things from your wedding day, your marriage and your photos! Photography is important for all your big moments but especially on your wedding day! So whatever you do, settle NOT on your photographer! You will be seeing these photos in homes of loved ones for years to come, you don’t want to chose just anyone to capture this day.

If you have been following my Capture By Lauren blog for awhile, hopefully you took our advice and had your engagement, photographed! If so, you already have built a connection and foundation with a professional which is great! If you don’t yet have a relationship with a photographer, be sure to check out our “Selecting the Perfect Photographer” blog entry for some helpful tips. Meet with a few photographers until you feel like you have found the perfect and most comfortable fit. But here’s the thing; the idea and key point of this blog piece, do NOT wait to book your professional! As you would imagine, the great ones fill their calender’s quickly and remember, some engaged couples books years in advance! If you know who you want, book as soon as you have made that decision! This person is going to spend one of the most important days of your life, with you. Your photographer is a key piece to the greatest wedding day!