We like the think we will remember; remember very last details of the most important days of our lives. We do; well, kinda. We remember the feels, some of our thoughts and maybe what we said a time or two but how about the raw in the moment emotion? Will we REALLY (I mean, truly) ever remember that? Probably not. You will certainly remember how your heart felt like it was going to burst when they placed your baby in your arms but without a photographer, you will miss so much. You will miss all of the wonderful facial expressions and special details. The simple answer to photographing your child’s birth is, yes. It is worth the money and then some. Here’s the value momma, those moments, the raw emotional moments are ones you can never get back.

A photographer is not only another person along with you for this journey but a friend there with you, too.

Maybe even an extra nurse, some would say. He/she will be there to capture you in all your glory; the tears, the pain but more importantly the moments you can look back on when you are in need of an extra reminder of just how strong you are. Birth photography will capture it all; those few minutes just before you became a mother and then, you can browse forward and view the images taken when you first held a part of your heart.

After you give birth, you will be SO exhausted.

At the same time, you will feel a whirlwind of different emotions–excited, sentimental, maybe hungry, more then likely, thirsty; all the things! As awful as it may sound, photos can sometimes be easily forgotten. One thing leads to another and suddenly you forget to ask your husband to grab his phone and snap a photo of the baby’s height and weight. Just like that, it’s gone. It may sound like little things now but I promise girl, these are big things! Things you will want to remember and hold on to until the end of time. It is all sorts of little amazingly, wonderful life changing things and you should have someone designated to handle the importance of this while you and your spouse soak in all that is your newborn!

Hiring a fab birth photographer=relationships!

You will bond in a big way with the photographer sharing the birth of your babe. Maybe he/she already snapped your maternity photos (maybe even your wedding) you could possibly have a little ground there already, however nothing will top being in the delivery room. That is as raw and real as you will get. Once the birth is over and you hopefully had a phenomenal experience with your photographer, you will have a new found friendship with this person, too. Regardless of if you were already friends, this will be next level (I mean, momma, you just gave BIRTH!) This is an opportunity for you to have a photographer you know and love, forever! As your family continues to grow, this is a relationship you will always be grateful for! After all, photos last a lifetime.

OSF Birth Photographer | Reconsider Hiring a Birth Photographer

OSF Birth Photographer | Reconsider Hiring a Birth Photographer

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