We like the think we will remember; remember very last details of the most important days of our lives. We do; well, kinda. We remember the feels, some of our thoughts and maybe what we said a time or two but how about the raw in the moment emotion? Will we really ever remember that? You will remember how your heart felt like it was going to burst when they placed your baby in your arms but without a photographer, you will miss so many little details and all of the wonderful facial expressions. The simple answer to photographing your child’s birth is, yes. It is worth all the money and then some because momma, these are moments, the raw emotional moments that you will never get back are so worth it.

A photographer is not only another person along with you for this journey but a friend along with you. Maybe even an extra nurse, some would say. He/she will be there to capture you in all your glory; the tears, the pain but more important the moments you can look back on when you are in need of an extra reminder of just how strong you are.

Photos of your childs first moments. Weight, height….

Building upon a relationship for newborns