Que in the sometimes sensitive subject; the wedding party! Who you choose to stand by your side can be stressful. Sometimes, it’s because you have too many friends and family members to choose from. Sometimes, it’s because you feel everyone you have ever spoken with, should be standing by you on the best day, ever! Whatever the reason you are struggling with this, I get it! I decided to put together a few helpful tips for you to remember when choosing who will be by your side! My goal is that by the end of this entry, you feel confident enough to send those “will you be my …” gifts their way!

Keep it Simple!

The friends you call when you need someone, the family members you love to have around, the people that bring you UP in positivity; they should be your people! If they are your day to day people keep the wedding party selection a simple one; choose these guys! The end. Sure, you can go back to your first ever best friends you haven’t talked to in years but chances are, after the wedding is over, you will go back to your current every day, friends. Whatever you do, do not get “pressured” into choosing people to make someone else, other then yourself or your groom, happy! This is SO important. Why? Because girl, if you are worried about them now, chances are its for a good reason. They will probably make your day and every day leading up to that day, less enjoyable.

Think, Pictures!

I don’t know about you but whenever I see a wedding photo with twelve bridesmaids one side and twelve groomsmen on the other; phew! This can be a little overwhelming! Where even are the bride and groom?! Truthfully this is not only overwhelming in a photo but in every way. From yourselves to the professionals working with you on your day; large numbers can be difficult. Now, maybe you have ten really close friends and family members; none of which you are willing to compromise; you know your people! Sometimes, large parties go off without a hitch and if you know you have a great crowd that will only add joy then totally, go for it!

They are YOURS.

Your friends, your family, your problems! HA! But really, think about it as if they are each your responsibility for this time. Maybe you are not buying each gown and tuxedo but chances are you are purchasing flowers, gifts and so on for these special people. The people you choose to stand by you are so important but guess what?! Keeping track of them, reminding them of all the wedding things, is your job because back to the first sentence, they are yours! Dresses need to be ordered by a certain date, measurements, payments, all have deadlines and you my friend, will be the one in charge! If a large number of bridesmaids and groomsmen sound a little overwhelming now, do yourself a favor and listen to that voice in your head!

The best advice I can give you in one simple sentence would be; stay true to your heart through this process! I have seen large wedding parties of incredibly close friends/family work wonderfully. On the flip side, I have seen small parties work together terribly. Sometimes the “drama” is inevitable when mixing a number of different personalities in one event. At the end of the day, always go with the people who you know will put you, your groom and those wants/wishes first!