Over the past couple months we have discussed all things, wedding! I hope that some of my tips were useful as you plow through your to do list of wedding such things. The last piece of bridal I want to include in my little segment here is about a perk I offer, exclusively to Lauren Maggi brides. If you’ve enjoy talking wedding with me, I am sure you will love this bridal bonus, too!

If you decide to book with me, you are in great hands! Each of my bridals receive a printed copy of a magazine I created especially for this purpose. As a photographer I love details and this is my favorite way to walk each of my clients through literally each (and every single little) part of their day! From the moment you book me, you have a friend throughout the wedding process! In the magazine you receive I go over everything, no joke! After you flip through you will know exactly what to expect and as a bride, I know this will be so appreciated. In this exclusive piece of literature I walk you through engagement photos from session tips to outfit inspiration.

In the “Wedding Experience” I give you a sample wedding day timeline and from here explain just how the day will go, on my end. Back to loving details, I love capturing your accessories so in this magazine, I list just what I’d like you to gather up so you are able to have these great “detail” images to look back on. This magazine has everything from “getting ready” tips all the way to the reception tips. Thinking you aren’t into the “first look” thing? I give you some great information that believe me, you will want to read before making a decision! When we part ways on your big day, you won’t have to worry about the sometimes confusing online gallery. I got you Mrs. I explain that in the Wedding Experience, too!

I have been blessed to work with amazing brides, year after year! It is truly so wonderful to be a part of something so important. Capturing these special days is something I do not ever take lightly. As a photographer, I want to provide you with memories to last a lifetime as well as a flawless, enjoyable experience. When you look back on your images I want you to be completely satisfied with each and every piece. My calendar for 2019 is nearly full but I would love to work with you, too! So if you’d like to meet up and chat about how I may be a great fit for you, contact me to set up a chat! I can’t wait to be apart of your wedding experience!