The best days and moments of our lives are usually a little bit fuzzy when we look back on them. Maybe because all that joy and excitement takes over? Whatever the reason, there will likely be little details you don’t remember the way you wish too. On your wedding day, you hire a photographer and chances are, when you look back on those photos you see things and remember things you may have missed without those captured moments. Wouldn’t it make sense to hire a photographer on the day you ask the woman in your life to marry you, too?

Personally, I remember how I felt when my husband proposed. I remember my surroundings and most of what my husband said. However I missed so much too! I don’t remember the little details; what I was wearing, what he was wearing! Then, there are the things I never got to see. My reaction, better yet, his reaction when I said YES! Sure, I did see his reaction at that time but I don’t nearly remember it nearly as I wish too! Having that HUGE moment captured would have been so great! Not to mention, how  wonderful it would be to show our children! After all, it is the true start of your forever; the day you both agree to the most amazing of lives adventures!

Now, unless you are surprising your fiance with a ring during a photo shoot, your photographer being there will be a total secret! Let’s face it, your girlfriend may catch on if there is a photographer joining your for date night at your favorite restaurant! BONUS: Having a photographer join you for your proposal is a great way to build a relationship and trust with this professional! This will make engagement photos, wedding photos and all sessions to come, more natural and enjoyable for you as a couple!

So, if you have ever thought about getting your engagement, photographed or even if you haven’t, I hope I have convinced you of how important it is. It is truly one of the BEST moments of your entire life! Believe me, she will be eternally grateful you thought of this!