I have been wanting to do a styled shoot for so long! So I threw one together last minute, as in within about a week I had this thrown together. I didn’t have quite as much time to do everything I wanted (so that will be coming next year) but it still turned out perfect! I asked my friend Brianna and her boyfriend Ty if they would be willing to model for me. They are so cute together and always posting adorable photos on Instagram so I knew they would be perfect. Brianna and I went to school together and cheered all through junior high and high school, she was my flyer and I was her backspot, and those are years I’ll never forget.

Ty was beyond excited to be doing a fake wedding shoot with his girlfriend (haha) but by the end he said it wasn’t that bad! Even in the 32 degree weather…they were really troopers for me! We went to Johnson Sauk Trail in Kewanee where I used to go camping with my grandparents when I was little. Those pines were gorgeous and fit just what I had in mind. Everything went off without a hitch, except getting half way there and realizing I forgot the bouquet…mommy brain is a real thing!

Thank the Lord for Amazon Prime! That is where Brianna’s gorgeous dress and shoes are from! The dress was hanging in my room in the week leading up to the shoot, and I kept staring at it thinking, “I wish I would have gotten this dress for my wedding and saved $900!” And that ring, oh that ring! Etsy is always my go to for different and beautiful things and it delivered once again.

Like I said, this shoot was very last minute. So when I went in the Tuesday before the shoot to DeVine Florals in Granville and I told Allison, “If this isn’t possible, just tell me,” I didn’t know if it was really going to be possible.  Well she is awesome and definitely rocked this bouquet! She had it ready Friday and I couldn’t have been more in love with it! She also did that absolutely gorgeous hairpiece, ugh I am obsessed with it!

And let’s talk about her hair, one of my amazing friends pitched in and came that morning to do it! If you need a beautiful hairdo, you have to go see Jen at Hair’s What’s Happening in LaSalle. All the women there are fabulous! Ever since Jen and I became good friends, I have been going there and she always knows exactly what to do. We had a blast getting ready and Jen’s personality is so much fun that whenever you’re getting your hair done, you can’t help but laugh the whole time.

I also have some other big news…Capture by Lauren is getting an associate photographer! Remember my first nursing session of that beautiful rockstar mama of 4, Rachel? That’s her! She just happens to be my husband’s cousin and is just as passionate about photography as I am. I’ve been wanting to have someone to share this journey with, bounce ideas off of, and have a second shooter at weddings. Rachel just seemed to fit everything. She is beyond sweet, honest, and so fun to work with. This was her first shoot with me and oh my gosh…she did amazing!! She shot with my camera and I rented Canon’s new 5D Mark iv (if anyone needs a Christmas idea for me, that camera will do 😉 )

I had a hard time picking which photos to include…so enjoy the photo overload!

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