You’re engaged! Congratulations! Now comes the planning, preparing and stressing for the day you say “I do!” I had to add “stressing” in there because well, getting ready for a wedding is a lot! But fear not, you have come to the right place for tips to simplify this process! First, lets talk about the date! Typically, this is what comes first in the planning process. It is impossible to book your professionals without knowing when you need them to show up, of course! Choosing a date can be overwhelming but don’t let it become stressful! Follow along for a couple tips on narrowing down the perfect date for you!

Summer, spring, fall, winter; SO many choices! If you love one season in particular well, this isn’t quite for you! Why?! Go with that season! Follow your love to the season that brings you joy. If you however are a lover of all seasons, you will have to narrow down your perfect date, another ways. Get started by creating¬† a simple, ole’ school pros + cons list! I am not kidding; make a list! Start like this; Winter is less ideal for traveling however more unique then other seasons and oh the romance of Christmas lights and snowy nights! Summer is great for travel but often times, a busy time! Sit together and go through what you love and dislike about each season until you both reach a comfort level with one!

Color schemes are another great way to narrow down the seasons! Passionate about pastels and picture your ladies in lavender, blush or soft greens/blues?! Spring welcomes these colors, well! If you are into more deep colors such as pumpkins, mustard, maybe even plum, red or teal? Maybe think more into fall for your wedding! Summer of course is great for brights and winter for those dark colors! Now, does this mean you cannot or should not have a navy wedding in Spring?! Of course not! But if you wish to follow the color trends as you choose your date, this is a great way!

Now you have your season chosen, you are probably wondering, how to narrow down the perfect date from here! Well, there are many ways to do this, too! Holiday weekends are great for out of town guests! Truly, all guests will appreciate that extra day! I am talking Memorial Day, Labor Day; those type of Monday observed holidays! Take a look at the calendar and choose the long weekend, in your season of choice! Quick tip; if this is the route you go book your professionals, FAST! Seriously, right away! These weekends as you would guess are popular among engaged couples!

If you are not into the holiday weekend hustle and bustle, I got you! Some people may choose their date based on the way the numbers fall. An example of this would be July 19th, 2019 or October 19th, 2019; the number here are match-ey and cute! Maybe choosing a date that is significant to you as a couple is more your style? An example being your first kiss was December 21 and in 2019 that falls on a Saturday; SCORE! Grab the calendar, make a list or two and you will come across the perfect date, perfectly!