I failed in 2017. I failed big time at blogging all my beautiful sessions to share with everyone and tell the stories of all my amazing clients. That is not going to happen in 2018! I’m not letting it happen. And I get to start 2018 with the CUTEST little 6 month old, Sienna!

If you are from the midwest, you know that the weather has been completely insane, which means an outdoor session was definitely out of the question. My plan when I did Sienna’s newborn photos was to be able to do them in CBL Studios…but we’ve hit some road bumps with the studio and it won’t be done for a little while. Which means I had to think about a different way to do this adorable little girl’s 6 month session. I’m getting a milk bath maternity session done in a few weeks, and I thought to myself “this would be way cuter for a baby!” and so I asked Mia if she was up for it and she loved the idea! So happy I had all those windows put in our bathroom…

Anyways, I don’t think Sienna (or I) could have loved her session anymore! She was giggling, and squealing, and loving the half & half in the water. She rocked her newborn session, then rocked her 6 month session, which means she will definitely rock her one year session.

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