One of the most tricky pieces to planning a wedding; a color scheme! You know everything should flow together but how do you know you are choosing the perfect combination? This is your day so essentially, it is your rules! However if you want some advice on what is aesthetically pleasing to the rest of us, hopefully these “dos” and “do nots” help you find your way!


  1. Always think of your wedding location and venue. Of course, I have to mention the importance of photos! Images are a HUGE element to keep in mind when choosing your colors. Think about where the wedding will be held; as far as features, scenery and beyond. Be aware of what colors will work; which will compliment and which will be horrid in your setting.
  2. Remember your bridesmaids! No, this is not their day to shine BUT we do want them to look good, right? If you have many fair toned bridesmaids maybe stay away from colors that will wash them out such as beige, blush and nudes. Red heads in your party? Maybe red or fuchsia won’t be their favorite gown color. Instead, try a navy or emerald.
  3. Stick with ivory OR white. White is bright, clean and has a cool undertone. Ivory is warm, comforting and has a yellow undertone. Together, your white will look less bright and beautiful; your ivory will look out of place and dingy. If you fall in love with a white gown, make everything else (linens, and such) white, too.
  4. Choose a color palette EARLY! This should be one of the first steps you make when planning the details of your big day! Once you have decided on colors, stick with them. This will make it less painful to coordinate and move forward without any bumps or hold ups! This is the key to keeping “the flow.”
  5. Order samples! Shopping online will give you a good idea on where to start but settling on a color via anything but in person is never a good idea! I can promise you, it will not look the same in person. So, get those samples and believe me, this will save some headaches when planning decor and beyond!

Do Not:

  1. Focus on flowers. It is easy to choose a bouquet and base your entire color scheme on that. While it is a great way to gain ideas and color ways, do not make this the center of planning your colors. Flowers can’t and won’t always match images so find colors you will love, beyond your bouquet!
  2. Everything has to match. Spoiler: this is false! The best color palettes are palettes that blend (and are more then one color.) Matching perfectly is usually impossible. For example, if your maids are wearing eggplant, finding a linen in the exact color shade will be impossible. Unless the dress and linens are cut from the same dye lot, they will be off a bit. So, contrast and compliment instead!
  3. Pink is great but take a break! Instead of exploding your main color, everywhere,  try to balance it. Pink dresses, linens, chair covers and bouquets may be a little much. Focus on using your main color as a “pop” in places like the tables. If you are madly obsessed with a color (such as pink) and feel settled to use mass amounts, use a baby soft pink in some places, a pop of dark pink in others and balance it out with a neutral such as white.
  4. Neon and pastel are not friends. Lavender and lime green, ek! Sometimes brides are tempted to choose their favorite colors for their wedding colors. Ladies, this doesn’t always work and that’s okay! No one wants a palette so busy that THIS is the focus. Choose a dark or light, pastel or bright for your main color and based off that, go with a neutral and a compliment. If you must have a colorful day, maybe do a soft grey for your girls and bright bouquets, centerpieces and other details!

Colors choices can go on, forever! Sometimes, it is REALLY difficult to decide on a favorite; I hope I was of some help to you in this process! Pinterest is a great resource for exploring palettes and gaining inspiring. I am actively posting wedding on both Instagram and Facebook so come on over and follow me! It may also spark an idea or two! One more helpful tip? Remember your season and let that guide you to a main color! For more on how to do this be sure to read this entry!