When your best girl asks YOU to be the maid of honor well, that is a BIG deal! Another big deal? The duties that come with your new title! One piece that is typically the most nerve wracking on the list; the speech! You know, the perfectly worded, tear jerker that everyone looks forward too? Yep, that one! Girl, don’t sweat it! Follow these tips and you will have yourself a recipe for the perfect, maid of honor toast.

We want to know, how did you meet?

Maybe the two of you have been friends since diapers or maybe college roommates raised across country; start your speech here, where it started with the two of you! Include how you became so close; how your friendship grew. This is usually the easiest part of the speech to write, telling your relationship story; it just may help guide you through the rest. If you the two of you are sisters, even more to share!

Make them laugh! Then, make them cry!

I don’t know about you but for me, the best speeches I have heard at weddings were tasteful marriages (ha!) of both moments that made me choke back tears and moments that made me laugh out loud! Get deep and meaningful with your words. She chose you to be such a big part of her day, tell her how much your appreciate her, too. Let everyone in that room know just how grateful you are for her and how much she means to you. You don’t want your speech to be based solely on heart tugging lines so be sure to include some laughs, too! Silly stories that you hold dear, even if the bride is the only one who laughs with you!

Don’t forget the groom!

Although you are there to be by her side, don’t forget to include the man of the day! Share how you met him or the little things that make you sure, he is the perfect match for the bride! If you have known the bride for years, before she met her one, share with us the first time she told you about him.


The end should but doesn’t really have to “pack a punch” to be memorable! Typically this is where you will want to send a message to the newlyweds, wish them a happy life together and remind them just how lucky they are to have found each other! Add a simple, love message, a good ol’ cheers and girl, you ROCKED this!