The easiest and most personal decoration any home can have is photos. I have photos ALL OVER my house. Lots of people aren’t sure what to do with all of the photos they receive from a session. You can only hang so many on your wall before it becomes too overwhelming. Am I right? Keep reading if you want to learn a thing or two about how to display your images without them taking over your house.

1. The Mantel. If you have a fireplace or mantel of some sort, girl get those pictures on there! Cute and simple frames, a few meaningful decorations and you can switch out the photos every season. Then of course, one large framed print above. It’s traditional yes, but it’s the perfect spot to display the one family photo you love.

2. Floating shelves. This is my favorite way to get creative with photos! You can purchase shelves anywhere like Etsy or you can easily have them made. Hang them together or separate and fill them with photos of different sizes. Add a couple accent pieces and TA-DA! You have about 9-10 photos displayed in one spot that isn’t overbearing.

3. Entry way table. Many people have a little table as you enter their home that politely screams, welcome! Why not use this opportunity to mix in some photos with a few seasonal decorations to help you home feel more welcoming and homey?

4. Decor with built in frames. Not like cheesy decor, I don’t do cheesy. But we received this gorgeous cross picture frame for our wedding, and up until we moved in to this house had no where to put it. It works perfect for our dining room and since it is more of a decor piece, the photos don’t take it over.

5. Kids rooms. Do your kids like to take your phone right after you take a picture of them to see themselves? Well then where better to display their photos than in their rooms?! Trust me, your kiddo will LOVE this surprise!

6. Above your bed. Yup, your room too. Falling asleep and waking up to my family leaves me with a sense of gratitude. And everyone who comes to our house and sees it LOVES it!

7. On your bedroom wall. It’s your bedroom. YOUR bedroom. Of all the places in your house to be reminded of your love, your bedroom should be the #1 spot. Having a photo of you and your spouse is a must. Whether it is from your engagement photos, your wedding photos, or your family photos (pro tip: always get at least one of just you two at family photos). Throw a cute sign up by it and there ya go!

8. Your nightstand and dressers. My oldest daughter has 2 photos on her dresser. One with her daddy and one with me. My youngest has a family one on her shelf in her room (changing pad still has her dresser taken over). Just one or 2, and I promise you will smile every time you see them.

9. On your desk and shelves. My office is covered in photos. I have a family one on my desk with a cute succulent. I have 4 on my bookshelf to add some accents. Then on the other shelf in my office I have 7 more. A couple newborn photos of each of the girls and some special candid family moments.

10. Albums. Give me all the beautiful albums!This is the easiest way to have all of your photos from a session in one spot or even from a trip. Before making albums here’s an important tip: order your professional photos from a professional. The quality will be absolutely outstanding and it will last generations. It gives you completely different emotions when you hold a quality album in your hands than a cheap one.