I still don’t feel like this happening. I still feel like this is one of my unbelievable vivid dreams that I wake up from feeling every feeling and months later have deja vu from. But unfortunately, it’s not.

I’ve shared before about my anxiety, and something like this, a worldwide pandemic, is one of my anxiety’s worst nightmares. I mentioned before how I have extremely vivid dreams, and a situation like this has haunted them multiple times and causes me to be on edge for days. But, I’m doing surprisingly well.

Why? How is someone that struggles with anxiety doing well during this?! Hope. Looking at the good things. Being aware of the facts, but looking for the good. Okay, and therapy and Lexapro, but still.

I wanted to be able to help others feel that hope. Because so many are feeling the feelings of depression and anxiety, that I know too well, for the first time. And no one should have to feel those feelings.

So the girls and I spread some hope today. We cut out hearts. We wrote “We are in this together” on them. And signed the girls names. I originally was going to just do it for our family, the grandparents that are completely dying not being able to see the girls, but I thought we could spread so much more joy and hope. Which lead me to putting a post on Facebook asking who wanted a heart on their window from the girls! So we went to some of our favorite people’s houses and work that we miss so much, and then we also went to some new friend’s houses.

I’m thinking this might have to be a weekly activity for the girls. Getting out of the house. Absolutely no physical contact or even close. And smiles. Lots, and lots of smiles.