Photographing your beautiful new baby while he or she dozes off to dreamland; simple, right?! Wrong. Trust me when I say, you will not regret leaving these moments to a photographer. Someone who is trained in both handling a baby in shoot mode and in editing is the answer. Before you give birth (especially if this is your first) you may think you’ll have tons of time for taking cute photos, I mean what will you even do all day, otherwise?! Wrong, again! Sorry momma but you my friend will always have something to do. Whether it be laundry, meal prep or hey, a little nap while the baby naps? Before you know it, the window for capturing the perfect sleeping baby photos will be closed.

So–lets talk about that “window” I just mentioned, shall we?! Most newborn photographers will tell you its best to snap these memories as soon as possible. Usually, within the first week, two weeks being the latest. This is the time where your precious bundle will be soundly sleeping for most of the day and easy to “work” with. This makes taking the photos yourself even more tricky. The first two weeks are normally the time you are finding your groove as a mom or again, trying to catch up on some sleep! Once this time frame passes it is absolutely still possible to take photos but it will be much more difficult for everyone involved especially the squirmy little one.

Although time as a new parents seems to go by slow, I promise when you look back it will seem like it flew by. Photos are the one thing that you will have to cherish when that sweet time is passed. While your photographer is with you, be sure to include yourself, spouse and older siblings in a photo or two. This is one other really important thing to remember; doing these yourself will not allow you to be captured too. Maybe you don’t see the importance of that right now, today but someday you will and even more so, someday your little one will cherish those momma photos, too! The little fingers, the tiny toes, peaceful images of your sleeping newborn in the most adorable outfits; you will never regret having these images done and done well. I can’t however promise that you won’t regret opting out of a newborn session.