It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Let’s be real for a second though, this is also what can be defined as the most stressful time of year, too! Trying to find the perfect gift without breaking the bank can sometimes be a real struggle. It may seem obvious of me to suggest, photo gifts but hear me out–these are some pretty good gift ideas that aren’t your typical framed type things!

Photo Calendars

You know when you head over to a family session and your photographer takes a ton of photos? There are typically only a handful of perfectly posed, everyone’s looking and smiling, Christmas card and frame worthy shots. But lets take a minute to remember those lost photos; the candids! The photos that are cute, silly and a little imperfect which most people don’t know how to showcase.What am I getting at here, one of my favorite gifts to give during the holidays: a photo CALENDAR! Create your calendar using Shutterfly or another photo site. You will have lots of layouts to chose from and adding all sorts of images to each month will make this the gift that continues to give joy, all year long!


Depending on which way you go with this, it may take a little more creativity! Fear not, if you happen to need some ideas, Pinterest will have tons of choices! Whether you go with a DIY mod podge craft or you order one of Etsy, this is a gift everyone is bound to love. Who doesn’t love staring at cute little faces on their Christmas tree?! This will likely become a gift tradition they will wish to receive year after year, too!

Pillows, Blankets, Everything Snuggley

Photography is a great way to decorate every room in your home but it’s not always the case that you know a loved one with an empty wall to fill with framed photos or canvas. This doesn’t mean they wouldn’t appreciate a keepsake, though! So put a cozy spin on it, instead! Sure, your typical photo album is still a great choice but these gifts are more likely to be seen daily which I would say is extra special!