Let me first start off by saying, Congratulations! If this is your first child, welcome to parenthood! Although the sleepless nights and chaotic first days with your baby will feel long in the moment, the truth is, when you look back you may be amazed at how quickly it flew by! Capturing your baby’s first days, from his/her tiny fingers to the moments of simplicity while they sleep is something we can never go back! This is a session you will be glad you chose to do.

Newborn sessions are based around your baby, literally! The ideal time frame to capture newborn images are within the first two weeks of welcoming them into the world. It allows for more sleepy time and babies this young are easiest to work with! It is my job to be patient and allow for lots of time in order to photograph amazing images that you will cherish for a lifetime! We will break for diaper changes, feeding and anything else that may your baby may need.

A newborn session will likely take a few hours. You can help by having everything you may need, together. If you have different outfits, special blankets or props, have them set to go for when we begin! Most photographers will photograph posed images and/or lifestyle images. If you wish to have lifestyle photos done be sure the area you wish to use is prepped and photograph ready! No need to clean but just have everything stashed in a closet somewhere, away from the camera. Also an important tip if the session is in your home; turn up the heat! It’s important to have your home warmer then normal. For us adults, it will be toasty! However for your new bundle of joy, it will be more comfortable as we capture photos with less clothing.

The morning of your session, while your baby is awake, give him or her a bath and make sure to have playtime! Feeding your baby when I am setting up is important! This will allow your baby to have a full tummy, when we are ready to begin shooting! If you are comfortable, I will sneak in some shots while you nurse or feed, at this time! These photos are special memories, too.

If you are traveling to me for your posed newborn session, leave your home with the intention of arriving early! Anything can happen with a baby on board! Other then this and prepping the items you wish to include in the shoot, your only real “job” during the session is to, relax! Seriously momma, sit back and rest, I’ve got it from here (well, for the next couple of hours, of course!)