In high school, we all knew these two were going to get married. It was pretty obvious they were always going to be high school sweethearts. It’s easy to see in their photos what a goofy and fun couple Brett and Brittany are. Well, Brett is the loud, goofy one and Brittany is the quiet, fun one. We had to do photos at our old high school since that’s where they met. And even where they had their first kiss! But this time Brett didn’t run away right after 😉

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I was so excited when they asked me to do their engagement photos! I’ve been friends with Brett since second grade, and it is just so weird how fast we have all grown up and are all now getting married. It seems like we just graduated yesterday! We come from one of the smallest schools in our area, and the most country. We had to get the best of both worlds of their relationship.

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Congratulations Brett and Brittany! Love you guys and cannot wait for your big day!