Why You Should Hire a Birth Photographer

Why You Should Hire a Birth Photographer

We like the think we will remember; remember very last details of the most important days of our lives. We do; well, kinda. We remember the feels, some of our thoughts and maybe what we said a time or two but how about the raw in the moment emotion? Will we really ever remember that? You will remember how your heart felt like it was going to burst when they placed your baby in your arms but without a photographer, you will miss so many little details and all of the wonderful facial expressions. The simple answer to photographing your child’s birth is, yes. It is worth all the money and then some because momma, these are moments, the raw emotional moments that you will never get back are so worth it.

A photographer is not only another person along with you for this journey but a friend along with you. Maybe even an extra nurse, some would say. He/she will be there to capture you in all your glory; the tears, the pain but more important the moments you can look back on when you are in need of an extra reminder of just how strong you are.

Photos of your childs first moments. Weight, height….

Building upon a relationship for newborns

Hiring A Professional for Newborn Photography

Photographing your beautiful new baby while he or she dozes off to dreamland; simple, right?! Wrong. Trust me when I say, you will not regret leaving these moments to a photographer. Someone who is trained in both handling a baby in shoot mode and in editing is the answer. Before you give birth (especially if this is your first) you may think you’ll have tons of time for taking cute photos, I mean what will you even do all day, otherwise?! Wrong, again! Sorry momma but you my friend will always have something to do. Whether it be laundry, meal prep or hey, a little nap while the baby naps? Before you know it, the window for capturing the perfect sleeping baby photos will be closed.

So–lets talk about that “window” I just mentioned, shall we?! Most newborn photographers will tell you its best to snap these memories as soon as possible. Usually, within the first week, two weeks being the latest. This is the time where your precious bundle will be soundly sleeping for most of the day and easy to “work” with. This makes taking the photos yourself even more tricky. The first two weeks are normally the time you are finding your groove as a mom or again, trying to catch up on some sleep! Once this time frame passes it is absolutely still possible to take photos but it will be much more difficult for everyone involved especially the squirmy little one.

Although time as a new parents seems to go by slow, I promise when you look back it will seem like it flew by. Photos are the one thing that you will have to cherish when that sweet time is passed. While your photographer is with you, be sure to include yourself, spouse and older siblings in a photo or two. This is one other really important thing to remember; doing these yourself will not allow you to be captured too. Maybe you don’t see the importance of that right now, today but someday you will and even more so, someday your little one will cherish those momma photos, too! The little fingers, the tiny toes, peaceful images of your sleeping newborn in the most adorable outfits; you will never regret having these images done and done well. I can’t however promise that you won’t regret opting out of a newborn session.


The Wedding Experience Magazine

The Wedding Experience Magazine

Over the past couple months we have discussed all things, wedding! I hope that some of my tips were useful as you plow through your to do list of wedding such things. The last piece of bridal I want to include in my little segment here is about a perk I offer, exclusively to Lauren Maggi brides. If you’ve enjoy talking wedding with me, I am sure you will love this bridal bonus, too!

If you decide to book with me, you are in great hands! Each of my bridals receive a printed copy of a magazine I created especially for this purpose. As a photographer I love details and this is my favorite way to walk each of my clients through literally each (and every single little) part of their day! From the moment you book me, you have a friend throughout the wedding process! In the magazine you receive I go over everything, no joke! After you flip through you will know exactly what to expect and as a bride, I know this will be so appreciated. In this exclusive piece of literature I walk you through engagement photos from session tips to outfit inspiration.

In the “Wedding Experience” I give you a sample wedding day timeline and from here explain just how the day will go, on my end. Back to loving details, I love capturing your accessories so in this magazine, I list just what I’d like you to gather up so you are able to have these great “detail” images to look back on. This magazine has everything from “getting ready” tips all the way to the reception tips. Thinking you aren’t into the “first look” thing? I give you some great information that believe me, you will want to read before making a decision! When we part ways on your big day, you won’t have to worry about the sometimes confusing online gallery. I got you Mrs. I explain that in the Wedding Experience, too!

I have been blessed to work with amazing brides, year after year! It is truly so wonderful to be a part of something so important. Capturing these special days is something I do not ever take lightly. As a photographer, I want to provide you with memories to last a lifetime as well as a flawless, enjoyable experience. When you look back on your images I want you to be completely satisfied with each and every piece. My calendar for 2019 is nearly full but I would love to work with you, too! So if you’d like to meet up and chat about how I may be a great fit for you, contact me to set up a chat! I can’t wait to be apart of your wedding experience!

The Dress!

The Dress!

Trumpet. Aline. Ballgown. Yes, the choices can be overwhelming. Spoiler alert: it doesn’t HAVE to be this way. Dress shopping can be light hearted, fun and one of your favorite experiences. Modern day shows like “Say Yes to the Dress” and of course, Pinterest make shopping for the perfect gown seem a little intimidating. How will I ever know? I haven’t cried yet, this must mean it’s still out there! Then the added, mom loves this one and you love that one stressor. Continue reading and I will let you in on some of the biggest bridal secrets.

The Appointment Crowd

It’s natural to want all your favorite girls present when shopping for your wedding gown. You want to share laughs, tears, dreams and this once in a lifetime experience; gotcha! However, here’s the thing about bringing a big group: opinions! They love you so they will (probably, maybe, usually?) feel like telling you their truest thoughts (out of love). On the flip side, even if they are a great, quiet bunch, opinions will still probably be a little overwhelming. Most stores have required appointments which means, you can’t necessary take as much time as you want. Weeding through “do you like this one?!” yes and no’s will be time consuming and also, your feelings may tend to get a little lost. Here’s a suggestion: take a small number of close family and friends, 5 tops. Once you have chosen your dress, ask to make another appointment to try it on and this time, bring the second half of the ladies who were not there the first time! Don’t want to hurt any feelings?! The store has a limit of people per appointment 😉

Tears? Or No Tears?

You may bawl your eyes out when you see yourself standing in THE dress. Your heart may overflow with sheer emotion and tissue will be a must. Does everyone cry? Absolutely not. One of the most common thoughts when shopping for gowns in the idea that you need that heart exploding, emotional feeling in order to know it’s the one. This can lead to a number of different stores, appointments and in the end, heartache! You may never cry. Some brides commit to a great dress without a tear but when they step into it on their wedding day, that’s when the emotions kick in. Follow your heart and bring some of your head to make the right decision. You will know in your gut but girl please, don’t wait for the tears!

Models are Models

The dress you have been staring at, dreaming about and crushing on for years is the dress you will wear on your wedding day. Until that is, you try it on and realize, it is so totally wrong for you. Bridal designers are smart, this is their profession so of course each gown is going to be modeled in the perfect, designed just for her, body. Often times, thicker girls will envision a ball gown to help “cover” what they don’t want to show. Thin girls will dream of the fitted gown to show off what they love. I am about to share something with you that will surprise the heck out of most. Mermaid gowns look best on curvy girls because YOU have hips, girl! This is a GREAT blessing to a mermaid or fit n’ flare. Ball gowns look great on thin girls because you girl, will rock it! Now, this doesn’t mean curvy ladies can’t wear ballgowns and slim ladies can’t do mermaids; my point is you will not know the fit that looks best on you until you try gowns on. Go into your appointment(s) with an open mind, willing to try whatever the consultant throws your way! You may be surprised at what you end up feeling confidently beautiful in.

Your Day; Your Dress

It can add some turmoil when your sister, mom, grandma, whoever, fall in love with a different dress then you do. If you are a people pleaser you may be tempted to agree with them because you start to believe they know what’s best or maybe just because, you want to make them happy. Regardless of who is paying for your dress, regardless of who loves it; it is yours! The dress you chose to wear on the most important day of your life sets a tone. It is so symbolic. You will be seeing photos of this very gown, forever! On walls, everywhere! Your children, your grandchildren; they will all want to know about your dress; no pressure! Don’t be afraid to chose the gown that is touching your heart, even if you stand alone in that choice. I can guarantee, your groom will love it as much as you do and on your wedding day, grandma will come around to loving it, too. Oh and when you find your dress, stop looking! It’s like a fiance, ladies; once you commit, don’t go searching more! This will only give you a giant headache.

Have fun with your searching experience. It’s not everyday you can play dress up in pretty dresses that make your feeling like a princess! Always be sure to be kind and respectful to the bridal consultants that work with you, they are pulling and lugging around dresses in hopes to find your dream one. If you are in Illinois, check out my favorite boutique Marien Mae for a wonderful dress experience. Tell them I sent ya and one last time for the ladies in the back; enjoy all the moments!