I can see how choosing an engagement ring could be well, terrifying! Maybe a little exciting and totally, completely intimidating! I could write all day long about cuts, clarity and all of those small details but here’s the thing; choosing the perfect ring is simple. Sure you can go modern, traditional or vintage; choices galore but when you decide to choose a ring based on your significant other, it becomes simple!

The Girl Next Door

If the woman in your life is the classic, fun loving, girl next door personality consider round or oval cut. These shapes both have a touch of timeless beauty. A tip to decide between those two?! If your soon to be (hopeful here) fiance has a small hand, oval is a great choice for her! Now for round, it’s a good fit on anyone and round cut holds the most sparkle!

The Adventure Enthusiast

I am going out on a limb here but maybe she doesn’t want a huge center stone? If your girlfriend loves being rough and tough or maybe even has a job that requires minimal jewelry, consider a diamond band. There are beautiful choices from simple to not so much, all around diamond bands. Plus, she could always layer a couple bands which is a great look. If your girl is the perfect match for this type of ring, chances are she’s already (in one way or another) expressed this to you!

The Girly Girl

I am talking princess cut! The oh so popular princess cut could also be a great choice for the girl next door however, it is a definite choice for your princess (wink, wink!) This cut has been on tread for a few years now and its for a great reason! Simple yet a little more interesting than a round cut.  Princess cut is also a sparkly choice so if she likes shiny things, she’ll love this!

The Unique Girl

Every girl is unique, first I have to get that out there. However, the “unique” girl may fit your girlfriend if she’s into new fashion trends, the creative world and maybe someone who doesn’t fit quite right in any one category above. If unique is your girl consider what is in the description, something “unique.” Emerald, marquise and pear come to mind first. You can also explore the less common asscher, cushion, radiant or something totally out on left field, the heart cut! Another way to add a touch of “unique” to the ring is going with a halo (diamonds around the larger diamond) this adds a bit of spice to a traditional ring while remaining, classic!

Here’s the bottom line; check her Pinterest boards (for real, girls dream big on Pinterest), hint around a little for her ideas, maybe ask her mom, sister of best friend for advice but in the end just remember her. Set a budget, stick to it as best as you can and think of her as you browse rings! The one that stands out to you, is the one–just as she did and hopefully is, to you!