The alarm goes off and you hit the snooze button for the tenth time, pull that warm fuzzy blanket around you, and sink in to your bed thinking that you just want to stay here in this state of comfort rather than pulling yourself out of bed. But you do. You get out of bed, you make some coffee because that is the only thing that will get you through this morning. You go to work and pray that the day flies by so you can get home. Of course the day drags until four o’clock rolls around and you get to go home. You go home, you eat dinner, you watch TV, and you go to bed. Then you do it all. Over. Again.

You wake up and cuddle with your blanket a little longer, thanking God for giving you a warm place to sleep. You get out of bed and make yourself some coffee because that warm, amazing liquid makes you feel all cozy. You go to work and the day goes by so fast and you contemplate staying longer because you are so excited about this project. You go home and make an amazing meal that fuels your body and then you go to yoga, or you play with the kids, or you go outside and read a book. You go to bed and can’t wait for tomorrow because you get to do it all. Over. Again.

Which one sounds better? I can tell you which one I want! I can tell you which one I have. Well a variation of it, I’m not a fan of (real) coffee, and going to work usually consists of walking down my hallway.

We were put on this earth for a reason. We were not put on this earth to simply exist and go through the motions. Living life in a state of just being is not okay. Living in a state of excitement and passion is what every person can have, and should have.

So I have a few questions for you.

1. What in your life do you look forward to?

It doesn’t have to be a big event, or it can be. It doesn’t have to be your job, or it can be. It doesn’t have to be an actual action, or it can be.

It can be literally anything. A class, your job, a hobby, a feeling about a certain topic, teaching your kids, going to church, meeting new people, anything. Whatever gets your heart fluttering with excitement, chances are, that is part of what God put you on this earth for.

2. What do you NOT look forward to?

If there is something you absolutely dread, a situation, a topic, a place, cleaning your bathrooms (this girl right here!), that is NOT part of His plan for you. Find a way to avoid certain topics or situations, or outsource what literally makes you feel like it is the LAST thing you want to do (like working your butt off so you can hire a house cleaner like I’m trying to do).

3. Why can’t you do what you look forward to the most?

Sometimes, life just feels so freaking insane. Like you are just trying to survive and get through day by day, and then MAYBE one day you’ll get to a point where you can do that thing, or go to that place, or start that business, or whatever you keep making up an excuse for even though you REALLY wish you could do it. And now the most important question…

4. Why can you not NOT do what you look forward to the most?

Sorry for the double negative Mrs. G, but seriously think about this. What will happen if you don’t follow that passion that God put in your soul?! What in the world is truly stopping you?! Absolutely nothing!!! In the famous words of Andy Mineo “My biggest enemy is me, and even I can’t stop me” (look up the song You Can’t Stop Me by Andy Mineo and you’ll get it).

I recently have figured out what God put me on this earth for. And the burning passion I feel in my soul is absolutely insane. I didn’t know it was possible to feel like this and I know I am completely unstoppable now. Which is why, I’m going for it. I’m taking the next step and I am doing a LIVE EVENT! That’s right. I am going to be teaching every single thing I have used to find myself in one of the absolute craziest times of my life.

And I want you there! I want you to come, have a glass of wine, and find YOU! Because we were not meant to get up, pray for the day to go by, and go to sleep just to do it over again and pray our life goes by faster. We were meant for MORE.

So make sure to get your ticket and join me for a life changing event, Finding Yourself in the Midst of Chaos. Click the photo below to get your ticket before they are all gone!