Proposing is one of the BIGGEST moments of you life (no pressure) so of course, you want to get it right! When, where, how you propose is often times difficult to decide. Best advice?! Say true to you as a couple! Plan your question around something the two of you enjoy doing together; a mountain hike, dinner at your favorite restaurant, walk in your favorite place or maybe since we are in the Christmas season, while you are home together, enjoying the beauty of all things Christmas! Now for the extra tricky part; what do you say!? How much is too much and what is not quite enough? Here are a few little tips on things you should add to your proposal!

When You Met Each Other

Start where it all started! Maybe it’s a silly story, maybe it’s cute; share those moments and memories with her, again! If you remember what you thought the first time you saw her, tell her! Reminiscing often times pulls on the heart strings and whether those moments where cherished or slightly embarrassing, it is the start of your story! She is bound to appreciate the way you remembered those details and the fact they meant something to you.

Why You Fell in Love

Now add some heart! Digging deep into those feelings are not easy for everyone but dude, try real hard here! This is the part where you tell her all those warm, fuzzy feelings you have for her! How/why you fell in love with her; all of the unique qualities she has that you love and most importantly, why you know she is the one God created for you! Who doesn’t love to hear compliments? When asking her to spend the rest of her life with you, it’s not a bad idea to go on and on about what makes her special!

Talk About Forever!

You can’t/don’t want to live your life without her, you hope she feels the same way, that type of content should be added into your proposal, too! When leading up to “will you marry me” be sure to tell her what you see for your future, together. The dreams you wish to accomplish, the children, the homes, the careers, the vacations; all the forever dreams you have probably already discussed. Tell her what those dreams mean to you and above all else, why she is the one you want to share all of your days with!

There is no shame in a “post-it” proposal, aka writing everything down and reading from that! Although, if you can memorize well,  do that! One pretty great benefit to writing your words down, you can save them! Believe me, she’ll want to hang on to that moment and those words, forever! If you haven’t read our recent blog on photographing your proposal, do that next! Another great way to remember the moment you decided on a future, together!