Know your style preference

Photographers each have their own style and there are so many to chose from! For example, you will find professionals who love a natural approach using very little edits! Others can be more on the dramatic end of the editing spectrum! While narrowing down the perfect match for you, look over each professional’s website and also visit their Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook pages! You will get a great feel of the person they are and how they enjoy capturing moments! Side note: while you are browsing their social media accounts, take a look at recommendations and reviews! I’m sure I don’t need to tell you why this is important.

Know your budget

Photographers vary in a wide range of prices. Wedding photographers especially are (often times) quite expensive. Rightfully so, as they are dedicating time to be there with you on your day and then committing countless hours to editing. Although it is important to chose a great photographer, for any occasion, it is also important to find someone great, in your budget.

Know how much or how little you want to travel

Travel can make a photo session even more chaotic! Of course I am talking to you parents out there! Traveling with children can be challenging so be sure to chose someone within a comfortable distance to you! You don’t want everyone to be cranky when you arrive! Also, who wants to show up to a family session after a long car ride, in general?! There goes your fresh hair and makeup!

Know what you want for images

If there are specific images or shots you wish to have at your session, be sure to express this before the appointment! It is easy to forget things like this the day of and if its important to you, the photographer should be aware and ready! Looking over the photographers previous work will give you an idea of the way they shot but the conversation of your wishes should be had so you leave feeling satisfied! Opening up this dialog will also tell you a bit about the professionals, personally. Choose someone who is willing to work around for-filling your wants and wishes!

The special element to finding the perfect photographer is sticking with them. If you have a great photographer for your wedding, consider having them do your maternity photos and family sessions in the future! If you build a great bond with someone who did your family photos this year, tell your friends and hire them again next year! Once you get to know the person behind the lens, photos become more comfortable and even more fun! Aside from comfort, you are sure to be satisfied with the images you will receive!

And–if you’re in the Chicago area, I hope to be added to your potential photographer list!