I think I might have done a little dance when Rachel messaged me about doing a nursing session. I have been dying to do a session like this ever since I had Sutton and experienced the breastfeeding relationship between Mom and baby. And with the craziness that is #normalizebreastfeeding, I was excited to be able to show it in a positive light. Because really, we are all just moms trying to feed our babies, no matter how you do it.

We got lucky enough to have a beautiful night! It was supposed to be cold and I was a little nervous, then it turned out to be a perfect night! Minus all the bugs…seriously Mother Nature, one cold night to help a girl out!

Rachel is a rockstar mama. I always go to her with questions about nursing and cloth diapering. I swear I would have already given up on cloth diapering without her.  Otto is her last little adorable nursling, so she wanted to record it. Because seriously breastfeeding has it’s challenges and remembering this awesome accomplishment needs to happen. Especially when she has nursed all 4 of her beautiful kids! Now I want to go get a nursing session done!

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