I just don’t understand why guys hate getting their photo taken. Michael was less than thrilled about session, but you can’t even tell! And by the end, he even admitted it really wasn’t that bad. His session was unfortunately the first one I had to reschedule this season because of weather! I couldn’t believe it. But it was totally worth it. The location behind Michael’s dad’s was perfect! And, I was beyond excited when I found out Michael was bringing his puppy! I love dogs, and I really love cute, playful puppies like Avery! She was an absolute doll!

If you can’t tell, Michael likes to hunt. Which is pretty much the norm in our area, and my house, so I was pretty happy when Michael pulled out his bow to do photos with. The bow which he just got a nice buck with apparently, I’m just a little jealous. Then of course we had to get a photo of him with his gun and Avery! Michael trained her very well, which was definitely apparent when his mom showed me a photo of a proud Avery standing with a bunch of ducks! She could probably give our lab, who is less than happy about getting feathers in his mouth, a lesson on retrieving ducks!

I’ve known Michael’s family for a long time and cheered with his sister in high school, so when his mom wanted a photo of him with each of his parents, I was more than happy to oblige. There is no relationship quite as special as there is between a parent and child. And how special is it to capture that during his senior session?!

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