She’s here! My adorable niece Adilynn is here! I’m a little late on this post, but she made her debut on November 17, 2015, one day before her due date! And if you remember the story of Zack and Brittany’s maternity session, I was team boy all the way! I was completely blown away when my brother came in the waiting room and slipped that it was a girl! But this little girl has me wrapped around her tiny finger!

Birth 003 Birth 007 Birth 014

And who she has wrapped around her finger way more than Auntie Lauren, is her Daddy! I am beyond proud of my brother and the amazing daddy he already has been to this precious baby girl.

Birth 015 Birth 021

And amazing props to my beautiful sister-in-law for carrying this baby girl and going through everything she did to bring her into this world! She is already an amazing Mommy as well and it is so sweet how Adi reacts whenever she hears her Mommy’s voice!

Birth 091 Birth 096 Birth 097 Birth 098And all of her Grammy’s, Grandma’s, Papa’s, Nana’s, Nene’s and every family member was very excited to finally meet our precious Adilynn Marie!

Birth 053

Thank you mom for attempting to use my camera!

Birth 037 Birth 051 Birth 054 Birth 070 Birth 081

Welcome to the world baby girl!!